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With Coaching Actuaries' Adapt in Class (AiC), you can automate student scoring, create assignments and quizzes to your specifications, and ensure your students are on track.

AiC allows you to focus on teaching, so your students can prioritize learning. View our videos below to tour the platform and see how AiC works for you.

Essentials vs. Complete

Two Flavors To Choose From

Select the right version of AiC for your actuarial science course.


Everything You Need To Get Started

AiC Essentials features all the tools you'll need to manage a successful course.

Quickly create homework and quizzes

Choose from our vast question bank, or generate a list of questions at random based on your needs.

Save time on grading

Assignments and quizzes are scored automatically, and students can see the answers and written or video solutions to what they missed.

Easily view reports on student activity

Updates on your students' performance are available in CSV format in the professor portal.


Empower Individual Studying

Give your students everything from AiC Essentials plus the flexibility and independence of our Adapt preparation tool.

Dynamic practice exams

Students have access to practice exams tailored to their individual needs and knowledge.

Custom quiz builder

Students can create their own customized quizzes on specific topics, choosing the length and difficulty that suits them.

In-depth progress monitoring

Using our Earned Level system, students know exactly how prepared they are for their exam.

Feature Breakdown

A Side-by-Side Look at Each Option


  • Automated scoring of assignments, quizzes, exams to save time on grading
  • Custom-made quizzes and assignments drawn from our question bank
  • Questions modeled after those used in SOA/CAS CBT exams
  • Email templates to streamline correspondence with students
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Option to bundle in online manual and video lessons

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Includes everything from AiC Essentials plus:

  • Full access to Adapt, our signature exam preparation software
  • Section reports reveal topics where students need improvement
  • Students can take dynamic practice exams and build custom quizzes
  • Students can measure their exam readiness with the Earned Level system
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Option to bundle in online manual and video lessons

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Bonus Learning Tools

Even More Ways To Support Your Students

You can also bundle in our online manual and video guides. These tools complement your lectures and provide you with a foundation for highlighting important concepts and additional insights.

Online Manual

Help your students efficiently work through the exam material by including our online manual in your course. Exam-focused readings get to the point of each concept on the syllabus, and detailed examples apply their learning to solve exam-style problems.

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Video Guides

Our videos offer students clear, concise explanations of complicated concepts and step-by-step instruction. Animations bring the concepts to life and keep students engaged throughout each lesson.

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