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COVID-19 Updates

My test has been postponed...

If you were scheduled to take a test that has been postponed, we are providing a complimentary subscription that matches your current subscription for you to use at any time between now and the next exam sitting. You will need to contact support in order for this to take effect, but know we look to make the process as painless for you as possible.

For fastest results, please provide your CA account email in the message to support and proof that your exam was postponed.

My test has NOT been postponed...

If your test has not been postponed please stay safe and practice social distance studying. Rest assured if your test is postponed we will help you (see "My test has been postponed").

Please wait to contact our support until your exam sitting has been postponed by SOA, CAS, or your test provider.

Support Requests

Due to the high volume of emails and calls support has been getting, we have put together the following FAQ.

We expect it will answer most of your questions but if you still have questions please contact support.


Answers to Commonly Asked Questions


The complimentary subscription is designed to give the greatest help to our users whose exam careers were most directly and disruptively impacted by the changes. If you had a subscription that is currently expired or were not registered for a postponed exam, you aren't eligible for a free subscription.


One of the most significant things you can exercise direct control over your life during these uncertain times is sticking to your study plan! While this is disruptive to all of us, this is an obstacle we can overcome. Stay the course. Keep studying.

If you have a subscription for an upcoming exam and are registered to take it, and it is postponed, we will extend the same subscription extension offer to you that we are extending to the people currently experiencing disruption. We're here to get you through this.


We're here to help. You are eligible for a complimentary subscription that matches your current subscription. Contact with when you want your subscription to take effect.

Please include the email you use to login to CA and proof that you were registered for an exam that was postponed. Keep in mind that support request volume is very high so it may take a bit to get back to you, but we'll make sure you're taken care of.

Prometric Update: SOA Exams Are Essential

Prometric has determined that SOA exams are classified as essential. There are a few very important notes on this, however. Additionally, all exam takers should review the SOA COVID Exam Guidelines to best understand their situation.

  • This is only applies to areas where Prometric centers are authorized to be open by local authorities.
  • Prometric has instituted a number of social distancing guidelines which will reduce capacity for testing. This means that even where the sitting will proceed as scheduled overall, some users who are scheduled will likely have their individual sittings postponed.
  • If your appointment is cancelled, you should receive an email from Prometric notifying you. If you do not receive a cancellation notice or any other communication from Prometric, current guidance states that you should assume your test is still on. You can confirm your sitting at the Prometric site here, but keep in mind your confirmed status may change at any time.
  • As with the other exams postponed thus far, if you were scheduled to take an affected exam and your sitting is cancelled or postponed, we are providing a complimentary subscription that matches your currently active subscription for you to use at any time between now and the next scheduled exam sitting. You will need to contact support in order for this to take effect.


At Coaching Actuaries, the health and well-being of our students, their faculty, and our employees is our top priority. We understand the concern and uncertainty you may be experiencing surrounding the coronavirus (COVID-19) and are committed to assisting however we can.

Although we’re fortunate enough to offer all of our products and services online, we understand that there may be instances where students and faculty find themselves near classrooms, testing facilities and communities that are either closed or at a higher risk of exposure.

In order to monitor the best options for you, we encourage you to get the latest updates on your next exam from the exam provider. Here are some links that may be handy: