About VEE

Get essential information, tips, and strategies to help you on your VEE journey in our guide below.

What Is VEE?

Validation by Educational Experience (VEE) is a three-part requirement to obtain your ASA designation from the SOA. VEE credit is obtained through SOA-approved college courses or by SOA-approved online VEE courses. Each VEE requirement covers a different range of topics. Those requirements are:

If you're on the CAS track to get your ACAS designation, you are only required to get VEE credit for Economics and Corporate Finance.

VEE Overview

  • Exams You Should Pass First

    None. The vast majority of material covered in VEE courses does not overlap with the material in your actuarial exams. However, while you can complete your VEE requirements at any point, you need to have passed any two SOA/CAS actuarial exams before you can apply to have your VEE credit actually added to your records.

  • How Do I Get VEE Credit?

    1. Take a VEE course approved by the SOA.
    2. Earn a final grade of B or above on your VEE course.
    3. Apply for VEE credit on the SOA website.
  • Which VEE Should I Take First?

    You can apply for VEE credit in any order you choose. However, if you are not already planning to get your ASA designation before the 2018 SOA transition, we highly recommend completing VEE Applied Stats as soon as possible, as earning credit for this course will give you transition credit for both its replacement VEE requirement, Mathematical Statistics, as well as the new exam, SRM.

  • VEE Offerings

    VEE is credit you earn at your own pace. Our VEE courses are offered at subscription lengths of 120 days, but you can complete the course at any point within that time frame.

During Your VEE Course

  • Coaching Actuaries VEE Final Exams

    If you take one of our VEE courses and wish to use a proctor on your own, we will need to verify your proctor meets these requirements prior to your exam. Contact our Support team when you're ready to schedule your final exam.

    If you take a VEE course with us and have no proctor available, Coaching Actuaries can provide a proctor for you. Contact our Support team when you're ready to schedule your final exam.

  • VEE Final Exams

    VEE Final Exams must be proctored. The proctor must be an FSA (in good standing). If no FSA is available, other acceptable designations are: FCAS, FCIA, FFA, FIA, FIAA, FSPA, CFA, ASA, ACAS. If no Fellow is available, a high-ranking member of management who is not able to sit for exams, such as an HR manager or a university professor, may also serve. The proctor may not be a relative of the candidate.

After You've Taken a VEE Course

  • Getting Your VEE Credit

    If you have passed at least two actuarial exams and earn a final grade of B or above on your VEE course, you can apply for VEE credit on the SOA website. You can apply electronically or by mail. If you're on the ACAS track, apply for VEE credit on the CAS website.

    If you take a VEE course with Coaching Actuaries, we process final grades and send official transcripts to the SOA and CAS on the 1st and 15th days of each month (or the following business day).

    When your VEE credit is accepted by the SOA, you will get a notification after approximately 4 weeks confirming that your credit now appears on your SOA transcript.

  • Next Steps 

    If you still need to pass all the preliminary exams (P, FM, IFM, STAM, LTAM, SRM), you will need to do so before you can attain your ASA designation.